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The Above Average Medium

Terri Fairbairn

Spiritual Psychic Medium

Web Store

Web Store

Personal Psychic Readings can be Spirit Guided, as well as using Tarot and Oracle cards.

Do you have a question about romance, love, career or just life in general?

Your life is a sacred journey and at times your path becomes unclear so let Terri guide you towards achieving the abundant and satisfying life path you are worthy of.

A Psychic Medium, Empath, Energy Reader, Tarot Reader and Clairlinguist (clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairalient, clairgustant and claircognisant) Terri will blend her abilities and Divination techniques to give you a Personal Psychic Reading.

These are intended to offer you guidance with so you can move through and on from any difficult or unclear circumstances.

Terri reads holistically using her tarot cards and her senses. Messages come to Terri through sensations of hearing, feeling, tasting, scents and understanding. Loved ones often call to her with memories that are both significant and insignificant to the readee, but ones that only they fully understand the significance of.

​Terri has learned that our loved ones never lose their sense of humour - often making us laugh and cry at the same time! They want to convey their joy at being able to contact you and show that they are still with you and watching over you by acknowledging significant events in our lives.

Using these energies plus Tarot and Oracle cards Terri can offer insight and direction by pointing out concerns such as your presenting and hidden issues, and can identify likely outcomes and ways to move forward.

Readings often do two things: they either confirm your own intuition regarding your situation; or they offer a different and sometimes unanticipated perspective. Either way a Spiritual Reading from Terri will bring about timely awareness to an aspect of your life that needs attention or healing.

As part of your life’s journey, let Terri be a light.

Terri can travel to you for a reading in your own home (Syeney metropolitan area) or venue and can also offer readings from an inner city location (by appointment only).



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